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The Tannheimertal valley, Tyrol


The Tannheimertal valley in Tyrol is known as the most beautiful high alpine valley in Austria. It is home to five great holiday resorts just waiting to be discovered - Tannheim, Grän-Haldensee, Nässelwengle, Zöbeln and Schattwald.



Tannheim has a population of 1,000 inhabitants and is situated at 1097m above sea level. The village is situated on the Southern part of the Tannheimertal valley at the point where the Vilsalptal valley begins. It is a place of incredible natural beauty. (Natura 2000).

From the skiing area on Neunerköpfle mountain there is breathtaking view of the surrounding mountains. This is the perfect place for the winter-sport fan, para-gliders, cross-country skiers as well as hikers.



Two kilometres east of Tannheim there is the neighbouring village of Grän. With a population of only 500 inhabitants it is situated at the foot of the Lumberger Grat mountain. You would think this small village has come straight out of a fairy tale. It is so peaceful and romantic.

The village’s main attraction is the heated outdoor pool at the Haldensee lake where solar energy warms up water making it perfect for swimming. This is guaranteed fun for children and adults alike.



The village of Nesselwängle has a population of 500 inhabitants and is situated at 1147 m above sea level at the foot of the "Roten-Flüh" massif. It is the starting point for many alpine mountain and mountaineering trips on the Rot-Flüh and Gimpel massifs.

This romantic mountain village offers traditional accommodation in cosy farms instead of the usual "giant hotels". The many comfortable traditional inns will take great care of you offering great service and food in the cosiest of settings. All around you are the beautiful mountains and meadows which are just asking to be explored and enjoyed.



Zöblen is situated at 1088m on the sunny slopes of the Steina valley and has a population of roughly 228 inhabitants. That’s the ideal place for all who want to get away from it all and enjoy the magic of this pristine, natural landscape.



Schattwald is situated at 1072m and is home to about 400 inhabitants. Schattwald is located directly on the border to Germany and is starting point for leisurely walks through the village, hikes on the mountains or pastures or for mountaineering expeditions.

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